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Revizto as a strategic collaboration platform
MOE did a careful study of different BIM coordination platforms in 2018 and decided to go with Revizto, due to its unique performance and workflow. Since the initial purchase, Revizto's use has grown in MOE, to a point where it no longer made sense to buy licenses in batches, and MOE opted for a three-year enterprise partnership. Today, Jesper will explain the benefits MOE experiences on a daily basis, and how Revizto is tying models, roles and stakeholders together in a single source of truth, making coordination and collaboration what they should be.


• Welcome and Introduction
• Latest news from Revizto
• Presentation by MOE, Jesper Henningsen
• Q&A

This session will be recorded. Can’t attend? Don’t worry - all registrants will receive an email with a recording 24 hours after the live session.

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Jesper Henningsen
Corporate BIM Technology Manager @MOE A/S
Jesper is in charge of assessing, purchasing and implementing BIM technology at MOE, Denmark, and has put MOE in the front end of BIM technology use, which has won them many awards over time, for their constant seeking of new ways of optimizing their way of working.
Martin Birk
Territory Sales Executive | Nordics @Revizto
Since graduating as a structural engineer, Martin has been involved in the BIM software industry for the main part of his career. Solely responsible for introducing both Revit and Tekla to the Danish market, a natural next step was to get involved with the big missing link in the industry, BIM coordination, and collaboration.